Legislative Update

    Session is underway.  To keep current check this page often, or register MYLRC by visiting: http://www.sdlegislature.gov/  You can then click on MYLRC to set up your account.  

    Here is a list of bills we are watching for you:

    SB 1 - 6, were introduced by the Summer Study on Workforce Housing.  Most deal with the Build SD fund and how monies are distributed into it and out to the Housing Opportunity Fund.

    SB58 will revise certain provisions regarding tax increment financing districts.  This will have a negative impact on TIF's used for housing.  We oppose it as it was originally written.

    We are proposing and getting signatures for a bill which would make it a criminal offense to knowingly present a pet as a service/companion animal.  Once we have a bill #, we will update you.

    Want to be more involved, contact Denise at 336-7756.