Legislative Update

    The Legislative Research Council is doing a Summer Study on Affordable Housing in South Dakota.  May 15th the committee will be set.  Come back for updates.


    Here is a recap of our legislative efforts during the 2017 session.

    HB1079 - would have given the City municipalities the right to add a lien to your property for unpaid water & sewer utility.  They currently can for solid waste.  We were instrumental in defeating this bill.

    SB153 - was dealing with tax increment districts, however they were wanting to keep housing out of it.  We worked to defeat.  The sponsors removed the bill.  We will continue to watch this as we are sure it will resurface.

    HB1106 was the new property tax classification for Leased Residential.  We were defeated on the House floor by 4, with a vote of 32 yeas, 36 nays and 2 excused.  This was our 5th year with this bill.   Discussions have already started on what to do in the future.

    Want to be more involved, contact Denise at 336-7756.