Legislative Action

    The SDMHLAF is a state political action committee established by the Black Hills Area Multi-Housing Association (BHAMHA) and South Dakota Multi-Housing Association (SDMHA) to provide financial support in furtherance of the state’s rental industry.
    SDMHLAF is a non-partisan body that raises money and distributes funds to state and local candidates for election to political offices, and in support of the political/legislative process for the benefit of the rental industry.
    Individuals and corporations may join the SDMHLAF by making a contribution and letting your opinion be heard. Join the Board of Trustees or help with Fundraising to continue the fight.
    SDMH LAF Gives You
    Access: SDMH LAF is your vehicle to support candidates who are open to the apartment
    industry’s views on issues crucial to your business and the industry at large.  Access gives you the opportunity to state your case to a lawmaker who is willing to listen to your views before voting on issues that impact you.
    Credibility:  SDMH LAF gives our profession political credibility. Lawmakers are held accountable for their votes and SDMH LAF is your way either to support them on Election Day or support their opponents the next time.
    Success: Growing our influence in Pierre does not happen easily.  It is an ongoing and long-term process that only succeeds as more and more industry members participate.  Your involvement makes SDMH LAF grow in strength.
    Unity: SDMH LAF reaches across the state to connect rental owners, managers, maintenance,  and even tenants in a common cause for the industry.  It allows SDMHA and BHAMHA to
    coordinate behind specific issues that affect us all and focus their efforts for the improvement of the industry and economy.